Welcome to Seethawaka Miracle Nature Resort!

Are you drowsy by working all day? Surely you would like to relax even a few days. Here we are, The Seethawaka Miracle Nature Resort-Awissawella, which is a beautiful nature-centric resort that you can spend your holidays with us. We are offering relaxation and joy over your days. Our surround is illuminated with iconic nature landscaping and enrich with fresh air and a spectacular nature pool. This is situated near the highest mountain in the Colombo district. Our resort is completely nature-friendly and spread over 20 acres of picaresque land.

We have a swimming pool, playground, restaurant, garden, Air conditioning rooms with balconies, hot tubs as well as you can be enjoying sports games, arrow sniper games, hiking, boat riding, traveling and many more. You can organize holiday activities, functions and any party or outdoor events with us. Also, we are providing convenient packages, private parking, accommodation, various food menus with credulous services under a reasonable range of prices. We consider our guests as our priority. Come and explore us and feel the miracle.

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Fish therapy with happy moments

Happy Holiday bath

Family & Friends Happy Moments with Seethawaka Miracle

Swimming pool with fish therapy

Rooms for Honeymoon and holiday spend

Natural pool with happy moment

Nature Beauty at Seethawaka Miracle Nature Resort

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